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  • uploaded 3 september 2011

TVGreen's Time Machine presents "The Horse Breeder" from the series "Claim to Fame" (1989) The Frisian Horse, an ancient Dutch breed. Stylish, graceful and with a beautiful walk. Horse breeding means being out in all weathers. The Frisians need a lot of movement. They have been valued for centuries for their stamina and elegant movement. The Frisian is especially suited to the carriage but also behaves well under the saddle. Mankind has always understood the value of the horse and used it well. The power, speed and intelligence of these four-legged flyers has benefitted man for millennia. On the battlefield, on the farm, in the wood, as carrier or as show horse. "Horses pull the coach and turn the wheels". The horse gave us increased mobility, it ensured that we could cover greater distances by which we could talk and trade with people far away. You always have time for such a companion. webcasted by: © broadcast footage: - Music title: Danse Macabre BY Kevin MacLeod ( licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" ©

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